953 Crores

162.5 Crores

80.3 Crores

Neuland in Numbers

Executive Chairman’s Message

Much of the credit for our success also goes to our strong, well-balanced teams across functions, who worked closely to serve customer needs in an extraordinary year.

Dr. Davuluri Rama Mohan Rao

In conversation with Sucheth Davuluri, Vice Chairman and CEO

The strategic direction we have followed in recent years, with an increased focus on growing our capabilities and our Custom Manufacturing Solutions (CMS) business without compromising on our Generic Drugs Substances (GDS) strategy, is driving our sustained performance.

Message from Saharsh Davuluri, Vice Chairman & Managing Director

We are investing in building stronger capabilities in R&D, as we have identified that as a strategic priority for driving the next phase of growth.

Financial Highlights

Investing in our Manufacturing Prowess

Enhancing our Capabilities and Capacity

R&D Investments

  1. Several competent resources have been recruited who are specialised in key areas like Peptides, Catalysis, Chiral Synthesis and Process Engineering.
Infrastructure and Capacity
  1. Additional peptide laboratory with 7 fume hoods.
  2. Additional specialty laboratory created from existing wet lab. This has created space for accommodating additional R&D resources and equipment.
  3. A non-GMP kilo lab was commissioned at Unit-III, which is exclusively for R&D to take up pilot scale reactions and other non-GMP intermediates.
  4. New analytical validation laboratory is being commissioned at Unit-III for R&D.
  1. Several state-of-the-art instruments and equipment have been added to the Analytical R&D and Process Engineering laboratories.
  2. ICPMS, XRPD, LCMS, autosamplers for GC, 3D image instrument, coulometer, etc. added to the Analytical R&D laboratory.
  3. Parallel port reactors, heating cooling systems and double jacketed reactors for performing QbD/DoE studies added to R&D laboratories.
  4. FBRM, aerosol detector, particle size analyser, dehumidifiers added to Process Engineering and Safety laboratories.