Our Strategic Priorities

The roadmap for business fortification and future readiness

Neuland Labs for over 38 years has been a trusted API development and manufacturing partner to leading Pharma and biotech companies globally. The organisation has a strong compliance record and a persistent focus on delivering quality APIs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the customers product.

To better organise the organisation, fortify expertise and capabilities and build a future-ready organisation to adapt and scale, the leadership team have identified six key strategic priorities for the next five years. These priorities provide the blueprint for shaping the Company’s direction and creating value for our customers, our employees, our shareholders and society at large.

Add scientific and technical capabilities in alignment with customers’ needs

Strategic Priority - IBuild deep competency (through organic and inorganic means) in complementary new technologies like bio-catalysis, flow chemistry, and physical properties that are valued by our target customers and differentiated from competitors

The value it bringsMeet shifting customer expectations and build new revenue streams

Build agile manufacturing capabilities

Strategic Priority - IIOptimise manufacturing capacity for agility, including flexible response to customer needs, multi-product production, and reserve capacity to respond quickly to customer needs

The value it brings Increases organisational agility, scale and speed to deliver

Build client-facing project management capabilities

Strategic Priority - IIIDevelop project and client management capabilities that are transparent, flexible, focused on collaboration and constant customer feedback

The value it bringsDrives customer delight, satisfaction and loyalty beyond expectations

Modernise our technology architecture

Strategic Priority - IVDigitise processes across the organisation and build Company-wide dashboards providing shared, real-time, granular data and analytics to create shared context across functions and improve the quality and speed of decision

The value it bringsFacilitates information transparency and faster and better decision-making at every level

Focus on talent and succession planning

Strategic Priority - VDevelop the functional, leadership, and technical skills of top 60 distributed leaders/ critical talent and emerging leaders that are required to execute on strategic priorities

The value it bringsEnsures ready pool of talent in line with business aspirations

Build a quality Generic Drug Substance portfolio

Strategic Priority - VIGeneric Drug Substance business that is focused on quality-conscious customers and pipeline products differentiated on technology

The value it bringsDevelop products which bring tangible value to customers through differentiation