Enhancing our Capabilities and Capacity

R&D Investments

  1. Several competent resources have been recruited who are specialised in key areas like Peptides, Catalysis, Chiral Synthesis and Process Engineering.
Infrastructure and Capacity
  1. Additional peptide laboratory with 7 fume hoods.
  2. Additional specialty laboratory created from existing wet lab. This has created space for accommodating additional R&D resources and equipment.
  3. A non-GMP kilo lab was commissioned at Unit-III, which is exclusively for R&D to take up pilot scale reactions and other non-GMP intermediates.
  4. New analytical validation laboratory is being commissioned at Unit-III for R&D.
  1. Several state-of-the-art instruments and equipment have been added to the Analytical R&D and Process Engineering laboratories.
  2. ICPMS, XRPD, LCMS, autosamplers for GC, 3D image instrument, coulometer, etc. added to the Analytical R&D laboratory.
  3. Parallel port reactors, heating cooling systems and double jacketed reactors for performing QbD/DoE studies added to R&D laboratories.
  4. FBRM, aerosol detector, particle size analyser, dehumidifiers added to Process Engineering and Safety laboratories.

No. of Chemical R&D Labs – 11

No. of Peptide Labs - 2

No. of Analytical R&D Labs – 11

Other Labs - 3

(Process Safety, Specialty, Hydrogenation)

Other Key Functions –

Project Management, Development Quality Assurance (DQA), Tech Transfer, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Investing in our Manufacturing Prowess