Embracing Agile Practices

We are dedicated to making research, development and manufacturing of our APIs simpler, reliable, faster, cost-effective and safer through our agile business practices.

Driving product lifecycle management

As dependable API manufacturer, we place great importance on not only developing new molecules but also on streamlining the processes for our existing molecules. Termed as product lifecycle management, this process optimisation is being driven by the expertise of our R&D team. Under product lifecycle management, processes are critically reviewed and refined with the aim to improve yields and productivity and reduce costs, so as to make our existing molecules more competitive in the global marketplace. During the year, various initiatives undertaken under product lifecycle management enabled us to scale-up our batch size, reduce cycle time, downtime and non-productive occupancy for our key products. We also came up with new ways to enhance our overall solvent recovery to minimise our impact on the environment. Our product lifecycle management initiatives have helped us to deliver benefits for our customers and us alike.

De-risking our supply chain

With several raw materials being sourced for our API manufacturing, a de-risked supply chain is an important enabler of seamless and uninterrupted operations. Reducing our raw material dependence on any single geography, particularly China, has been an integral part of our risk mitigation strategy well before the pandemic. We have also been focused on shortening our supply chain by developing sources which are closer in terms of geographic proximity. To achieve these objectives, we have been enlisting qualified suppliers closer at home in India as well as in other markets.

Our alternate sourcing policy has enabled us to reduce our imports from China from over 40% in FY 2018 to around 20% at the close of the year under review. We aim to reduce our dependence on China’s imports to 10% by FY 2024. Moreover, we have also reduced our dependence on any single external geography, with 11.8% in FY 2021 as against 21.6% in FY 2018/ previous year. Our proactive and planned approach to supply chain de-risking over the past few years has also enabled us to remain largely unaffected from the supply chain disruption triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Embedding digitalisation

We are embedding digitalisation deeper into our organisation with the aim to ensure smoother, faster, cost-effective and compliant operations that minimize and/or eliminate the possibility of human error. In our Supply Chain function, for instance, we have digitised the processes on the inbound procurement side as well as those on the outbound logistics side. This has facilitated the benefits of real=time visibility, timely deliveries and cost optimisation, among others. In Quality Control, Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS) has been implemented while laboratory automation through the deployment of Laboratory Information System (LIMS) is in progress. Digitisation of data and automation of processes is driving better deviation management and greater transparency and traceability of data, thereby leading to improved regulatory compliance and efficiency. In the midst of a rapidly-changing environment, we have further accelerated this shift to digitalisation. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, with physical audit of our facilities getting impacted due to travel restrictions, we are ready to satisfy our customers and regulatory authorities on our compliance via online audit.

Strengthening project management

We recognise the imperative of delivering the highest standards of transparency, flexibility and reliability to our customers. Enabling this objective is our strong focus on project management. Our dedicated project management team members manage every project with individual attention to ensure on-time in-full (OTIF) delivery while always meeting the quality standards our customers expect from Neuland. Our reliable project management system is also helping us to scale up projects faster and seamlessly. During the year, several new initiatives were taken to further strengthen our project management capabilities, including rolling out of new training programmes for enhancing the skills and expertise of our project managers. Our increased focus on project management will ensure that our customers continue to view our resources as an extension of their own resources and reinforce the trust they place in us.

Building on operational measures

We have intensified our focus on the concepts of Quality by Design, OTIF and First Time Right to drive further improvement in our operational efficiency. Quality by Design is aimed at ensuring the highest quality standards in our processes and products through sound science and quality risk management. With our focused efforts at customer collaboration and supply chain optimisation, along with investments in capacity enhancements, we continue to work towards supporting a high rate of OTIF deliveries. To ensure that our processes are performed in the right manner the first time and every time, we are actively focusing on robust technology transfers. Our extensive review processes was further strengthened to build on our efficiency. All these focused actions are in line with our priority to ensure 24x7 GMP compliances across all our sites and be in a state of ‘all time inspection’ readiness.

Ready for Tomorrow

With spare capacity and multiple production lines, Neuland is well-positioned to meet the growing needs of customers.